Countdown to an art show: Frame Takeover!

The not-so-pretty side of Getting ready for an art show.

There is way more to getting work ready for a show than just painting pictures. I thought I'd show you the seedy underbelly of my enterprise that I'm afraid to show on social media.



On the one hand, here is a picture of my studio. Right now I am sitting on the floor under strong light, brushing varnish on those paintings that are thoroughly dry. There are paintings in various stages of completion. I always have a bunch of works going because in addition to shows and projects, I am privileged to be in eight galleries that need new work as it sells. I have plenty of space to move things around or get back and look at what I'm working on.


frames everywhere.jpg

And then, there's this. !!! This used to be a guest room....then it was a room with stretcher bars in the closet....then extra frames stored neatly on the far side of the bed. Now frames have taken over and I can't even get to what I need most of the time.

Let me explain by telling you that I live in a small town, way far away from the frames that I can buy wholesale north of Atlanta. I have to plan way ahead so that I will have frames on hand not only for a show, but for regular needs during the busy summer gallery season. Every trip to Atlanta, which is 2-1/2 hours from me, for frames or other supplies is an entire day out of the studio.

I have included a helpful diagram that demonstrates the varied uses of this handy room without which I would not be able to function in my studio space!

frame takeover.jpg