Painting in Progress: the stages of "Corona"

“Corona” is my newest 36x36 oil painting. I used a limited palette: Torrit Grey, Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cerulean Blue and Quinacridone Magenta. This was painted from a photograph I took on Jekyll Island, Georgia, but I added the sun rays. Here it is in various stages so you can see how I work: (click on the right to advance the photos):

Oak Tree painting in progress

Here are the stages of my 30x30 oil painting King of the Castle. I loved the gesture of this magnificent oak tree alongside the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Its shape reminded me of a chess piece (hence the title), but it was really all about the light.

Painting in Progress

Here are the stages of a typical painting of mine while in progress.  My favorite way to begin is to tone the canvas with thinned paint and, using a rag, wipe away the light areas to create the drawing. This also establishes the values and light effect I want right from the start. When dry, I add some lines and dashes of color to get started. I like to work from the background forward, pretty much alla prima.